Why are transgender bathrooms such an issue now? Or is this merely a smokescreen??

If someone’s out there, please enlighten me as to why this is suddenly such a firestorm of political urgency, and why Target is again having to suffer the ire of some group or another?  It wasn’t long ago when they were targeted for a boycott (pun NOT intended) because they donated to a bundling superpac which included politicians whose views on gay marriage were contrary with the views of the LGBT community at large.  It didn’t take much intelligence to realize that this was actually a ploy to punish a corporation from donating to any PAC because of the 2010 law that had just passed giving them the ability to do just that.  Target happened to be the “example”, though many other large corporations also donated to the bundler and were spared the boycott altogether.

Now, it’s all about transgender bathroom choices, which the subject is again a veiled attempt by the Republican establishment to try and isolate Donald Trump as being a false conservative.  It’s interesting how social issues are the lure, yet money is at the heart of nearly every political issue.

How hard would it be to simply say that public restrooms are assigned based on “external hardware”?  That’s common sense!  If a transgender were in the process of transitioning, and the time had come for the sexual reassignment surgery to take place, then their external genitalia would then match their mental assignment.  That’s easy!  Become a woman, and then use the women’s restroom.  How hard is that??  That would both protect from false claims that use the political correctness as a means to exploit women in restrooms, as if women didn’t have enough problems with people setting up cell phones to take pictures of women using the restroom (it was even laughed about in Borat – his picture collection of unknowing women “making toilet”).

I know of no peeping tom who would actually have his organs cut off in order to ogle women or girls in the bathroom, and I for one like to go into the women’s bathroom knowing that it’s a free zone where the toilet seat isn’t getting urinated on by someone who stands to pee.  Not all restrooms have automatic toilet seat covers, which are an amazing invention I must say.

Transgender people know that it’s a process to transition.  I have no problems and zero prejudice for any LGBTQ whatsoever.  I personally believe that in the transitioning process, the use of the restroom should correspond with the external organs.  Once they have been reassigned, then fine!

As always, I’m interesting in having a conversation with a transgender as to why this wouldn’t be an acceptable situation.